Where to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees in Singapore?

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Masons Home Decor has has proved to be an huge hit among consumers island wide due to its wide yet concise variety of Christmas Trees, Ornaments, and Decorations.


Quality of Christmas Trees in Singapore

With Masons Home Decor, you can be assured of quality, reliability, and huge savings.

It is an apparent fact that although Christmas is a Christian festive celebration, more non-Christians are acknowledging this significant occasion each year. While it might not be due to religious reasons, it is an amazing opportunity to form gatherings with all groups of friends and family, and a way to end the year on a fantastic note.

That being said, investing actual money on a symbolic item such as a Christmas Tree has to be foolproof.


We did some quick research on sites selling Christmas Trees, and a very popular place that people would end up at would be budget seller sites such as Qoo10. Most people are attracted to such platforms because of the attractive prices, but it is not all the time worth it. Sometimes, it may even lead to regret. The image on the left above shows the catalogue image from one of the top sellers on Qoo10, while the image on the right shows an actual image in the reviews column. A world of difference? We totally agree.


So, What Does Masons Have?


ABACO – A Hyper Realistic Pine Christmas Tree


ABACO - Premium Pine

ABACO – Premium Pine

Can you tell the difference? This tree was manufactured to replicate the beautiful pine evergreens. Frankly speaking, even we had difficulty in figuring out whether or not it was a live tree! Available in 1.5 metres, 1.8 metres, and 2.1 metres, these trees have ordinary branches within (that are not so visible) to allow you to hang your ornaments easily.



ARENARIA – The Hybrid of Fir and Ariostea

Arenaria - The Hybrid

Arenaria – The Hybrid

The Arenaria is truly a unique invention. Made with both Fir branches and the ones you see on Ariostea, it is not only dense and realistic, but it provides your home or area with a totally new look. This tree has the ability to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland!


What Else Does Masons Have?



Thank you www.mason.com.sg, Masons Home Decor, for this informative post.